What is NRT OnDemand?

    NRT OnDemand is a ride share service that will allow residents to book a ride as needed to anywhere within West Niagara or to select transit hubs outside of West Niagara

    Where can Lincoln Residents go with NRT OnDemand?

    Riders can book a ride to anywhere in West Niagara including: 

    • Lincoln 
    • Grimsby 
    • Pelham  
    • West Lincoln 
    • Wainfleet  
    • Niagara-on-the-Lake (designated areas only)

    Riders can also go to the following transit hub locations outside of West Niagara: 

    • St. Catharines bus Terminal 
    • Welland Bus terminal 
    • Port Colborne Municipal Building site

    Note: Residents of West Lincoln and Wainfleet can only take trips to destinations outside of their municipal boarder. For trips outside of West Niagara, riders will be taken to the closest transit hub location from their trip start point.

    What is the cost of a trip?

    A local ride within a municipality will cost riders $3.00, any ride that crosses municipal borders will cost $6.00.

    How do riders book a trip?

    Riders can book a trip by downloading the NRT OnDemand app to their smart phones and creating a profile, or by calling the customer service number 289-302-2172

    What are the hours of operation?

    NRT OnDemand operates Monday- Saturday from 7am – 10pm year round  

    How does NRT OnDemand connect with regular transit?

    If riders are connecting to traditional transit at one of the bus terminals, the On Demand driver will give the Rider a transfer ticket to use upon boarding the bus. Similarly, if a Rider is connecting to the On Demand service from a bus, the driver of the bus will issue the Rider a transfer ticket.

    Can riders buy tickets/passes for NRT OnDemand?

    Yes. Tickets/Passes are available in Lincoln at Lincoln Town Hall, the Fleming Centre, and the Moses F. Rittenhouse Library branch of the Lincoln Public Library in Vineland.

    What types of tickets/passes are available?

    There are 3 main ticket/pass types available for purchase: 

    • 2 ride passes
    • 10 ride passes 
    • monthly passes

    Each of these passes are available as Adult (AD) and Senior/Student (SP) passes and in Local and Regional passes (totalling 12 ticket/pass types). Local passes are for on-demand trips within a municipal boundary, Regional passes are for trips that cross municipal borders. 


    AD passes = Adults 18+ including post-secondary students 

    SP passes = Seniors 65+ and students between 6-17


    What is the cost for each pass?

    The cost for each pass can be found in this table: 


    How does booking a ride work with the app?

    Once you download the NRT OnDemand app and set up your account you can then enter in your pick-up and drop-off locations. The app will create a ride proposal and prompt you to confirm by selecting 'Book this ride'. Wait for your ride and check the details, including the vehicle's license plate, driver name and more at the bottom of your screen.

    Can riders book in advance?

    NRT OnDemand is an on demand service. Riders can book a trip up to a maximum of 15 minutes before their departure.

    Can I pay the driver for my ride when he or she arrives?

    No. Drivers cannot accept any payment including cash fares. All rides must be paid for in advance, by credit card, debit credit, or by pre-purchasing passes available at municipal locations.

    Where will vehicles pickup/drop off riders?

    The vehicle will pick up riders within a block or two of the pick up location entered or a nearby location / intersection. The average walk to a pick-up or drop-off location is 100 meters. Riders will be informed of the pickup location upon booking their ride.