June 29 2020

Mayor Easton & Town Council adopt 5-Year Tourism Strategy Action Plan + Gateway/Wayfinding Strategy

A key aspect of this strategic process was to determine the Town of Lincoln’s role in the tourism sector. For approximately 20 years, the Town has outsourced tourism development and management to the TwentyValley Tourism Association (TVTA).

After much consideration and consultation with the tourism industry, the recommendation is that the Town plays a larger role in managing the destination while allowing a public-private partnership between the Town (and other public sector stakeholders) and private industry stakeholders.

August 08 2020

Town of Lincoln Signs MOU with the Twenty Valley Tourism Association (TVTA)

Agreement established to create a framework and timeline, within which, the Town and TVTA use to collaborate and continue the daily business of the TVTA until the guidelines for a transition to a new DMO have been created and approved.

August 24 2020

Town of Lincoln hires full-time Tourism Coordinator

September 18 2020

Town of Lincoln signs MOU with the City of St.Catharines

Town of Lincoln and the City of St.Catharines formalize a sub-regional tourism marketing partnership.

The agreement expands both municipalities’ capacity to market to a broader audience and combine a shared rural and urban tourism experience.

October 26 2020

Town of Lincoln issues RFP for tourism and destination branding + three-year marketing plan

  • 9 respondents submitted
  • 5 proposals were short-listed for further evaluation with the TSIT committee 
December 04 2020

Town of Lincoln awards tourism and destination branding + three-year marketing RFP to Trajectory Brands Inc.

December 22 2020

Tourism Strategy and Implementation Team (TSIT) - Workshop 1

February 18 2021

TSIT Workshop No.2 - Industry Audit Review

March 12 2021

TSIT Workshop No. 3- Positioning & Place Brand Naming

May 06 2021

TSIT Workshop No.4 - Visual Identity Development

June 2021

Tourism Lincoln Destination Branding Town Hall & Tourism Stakeholder consultation

Delivered through Zoom, local tourism businesses, industry stakeholders, Town Councillors and various industry leaders, were offered the opportunity to review the Town's destination branding recommendations, ask questions and provide their candid feedback during the intimate Town Hall question and answer period. 

An anonymous survey was also be distributed to all attendees following the webinar, to share added feedback anonymously.

October 18 2021

Report to Council on Niagara Benchlands, Lincoln's proposed new tourism and destination brand