Project Milestone Review

Review Timeline: December 2020 - Fall 2021

Phase One- Inform and Audit

  • 1.1 Completed in January 2021; 42 local tourism operators, key stakeholders and community groups were interviewed to provide niche sector insights and market research to inform the positioning and brand narrative development for Lincoln's tourism and destination place brand identity.

Phase Two – Define and Design

  • 2.1 Brand Strategy Development (Includes name, positioning and key messaging)
  • 2.2 Brand Workshop 2 (Includes name and strategy recommendations; creative brief and discussion)
  • 2.3 Visual Identity Exploration (Includes logo, colours, fonts, graphics, sample applications)
  • 2.4 Brand Workshop 3 (Includes visual identity review and product development prioritization)
  • 2.5 Community Consultation (Includes online survey to key stakeholders community at large)

Timeline: Summer 2021

Phase 3- Implementation

  • 3.1 Product Development
  • 3.2 Brand Workshop 4: Final Brand Recommendations (Includes; product recommendations, and marketing plan review)
  • 3.3 Three Year Marketing and Communications Plan Development
  • 3.4 Brand Applications and Templates
  • 3.5 Brand Guidelines and Artwork

Timelines: Fall 2021

*All development work completed with guidance from the Tourism Strategy and Implementation Team, consultation with local, Lincoln Tourism businesses and key stakeholders.

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