What are the hours of work for the contractor?

    The contractor will be limited to work between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Please get in touch with Michael Gacnik if you have any concerns with work outside of these hours.

    How will my garbage be impacted during construction?

    Garbage pickā€up will be as generally scheduled for property owners during construction. If required, the contractor will carry recycling and garbage bins to a more accessible pickup location and return your containers once emptied.

    The Town asks property owners to label their garbage bins with their address before construction. Containers that are not labelled may be misplaced during this process. Unmarked bins will be marked with spray paint by the contractor.

    How will dust and dirt be controlled during construction?

    While construction is active, we expect a certain degree of dust and dirt. We have planned for this and have included provisions for dust control and street sweeping activities to minimize any disturbances. In addition, we will work with our contractor to maintain the working area in a neat and organized fashion outside of working hours.

    We appreciate the community’s patience with any disruptions as we work to revitalize the area. Please get in touch with Michael Gacnik if you have any concerns.

    Will I have access to my home or businesses during construction?

    Yes, we will maintain access to your homes and businesses during construction. There may be instances where equipment or work may temporarily block driveways for a short period. We will attempt to notify homeowners in advance of this during construction. If your driveway access is blocked, you can speak to the construction staff on-site, and they will move any equipment or make arrangements to accommodate you.

    If construction staff are not available and you have any concerns with access, please get in touch with Michael Gacnik. For urgent after-hour inquiries, please phone our 24-hour public works line at 905-641-0971.

    Will I be able to walk through the construction site?

    Yes, access will be accommodated during construction, although we recommend avoiding walking through the site for non-essential purposes as an active construction site.

    We ask the public to exercise extra caution when navigating through working areas; please read warning signs carefully, avoid heavy equipment, and maintain a clear line-of-site with workers and vehicles.

    Will there be any trees removed as part of this project?

    While we have made efforts to maintain existing trees as much as possible through the design process, existing

    trees that have been identified for removal will be marked with a red “X” by a certified arborist. These trees will be inspected for nests during the nesting season, and identified nests will be safely relocated if required. During construction, tree protection fencing will be installed at critical locations to protect existing trees and roots.

    The Jordan Village improvement project includes an extensive tree planting and landscaping plan. The project involves planting over 150 new trees and a wide variety of shrubs, perennials, grasses, and vines.

    If you have concerns regarding trees identified for removal, please get in touch with Michael Gacnik.

    Will there be any service interruptions to my water or power?

    We anticipate planned short-term service interruptions throughout the project while connecting properties to new services. We will inform you at a minimum of 48 hours before any planned power or water interruptions.

    We will work to minimize any service interruptions as much as we can. If you experience an unplanned service interruption, please get in touch with Michael Gacnik. For urgent after-hour inquiries, please phone our 24-hour public works line at 905-641-0971.

    What are the paint markings and flags placed around the site?

    A necessary part of the construction process is getting locates for all the underground utilities and infrastructure; the law also requires it. Part of this process involves owners of the utilities placing paint and mini flags; however, homeowners and businesses do not need to maintain these markings, as a paper/electronic copy is available to the contractor. Test-pits will also be performed to verify the location of utilities at critical crossings.

    This process minimizes the potential for any damage to existing utilities and infrastructure during the construction phase.