Community Investment Update - Jordan Village Improvement Project | October 2021

Jordan Village Improvement Project

Project location: Jordan Village (Main, Nineteenth, Twenty-First, Wismer and King Streets)


On September 29, 2021 the Town of Lincoln Council awarded the Jordan Village Improvement Project to Trenchline & Roads Inc - officially kicking off this exciting project! Residents and businesses can expect to see project mobilization activities starting in the next few weeks. There are extensive requirements before the actual work starts, and further communication will be forthcoming including tentative construction schedule and pre-construction surveys.

The Town of Lincoln is excited for this transformational project to kick off and fulfill the vision for Jordan Village, to become an even more vibrant and connected part of the community and a premier tourist destination.

Cost savings were found to ensure affordability without compromising the vision of the project. Some of the key features you will still see in this project include:

- original design of plaza and monument;

- boulevard pavers for the full length of Main Street;

- decorative crosswalks and plantings throughout the project; and

- pedestrian/cyclist facilities along Nineteenth Street.


Utility Locates

A necessary part of the construction process is getting locates for all the underground utilities and infrastructure; it is also required under the law. Part of this process involves owners of the utilities placing paint and mini flags; however, homeowners and businesses do not need to maintain these markings, as a paper/electronic copy are available to the contractor.

This process minimizes the potential for any damage to existing utilities and infrastructure during the construction phase.

Test-pits will also be performed to verify the location of utilities at key crossings.

Pre-Construction Surveys of Buildings A Pre-Construction Survey (PCS) consists of a review of a property adjacent to a site where construction activities are about to begin. The goal of the survey is to visually identify all existing signs of interior and exterior damage; they also identify signs of structural settlement before construction begins. A PCS can protect the property/business owner and the contractor of the site where construction activities will take place. Next step: As we get closer to construction, the contractor’s designate, Wristen’s Home Specialties (WHS), will be reaching out to set up an inspection of your property. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the option is available to have an exterior-only inspection performed. Please note that the information gathered stays with the third party and the contractor, and the Town of Lincoln does not have access to any information unless a claim is filed to protect your privacy.


You might see survey crews verifying property limits and confirming layouts over the next few weeks.


Signs, traffic cones and detour signage will start to be placed before construction starts. Prior to any detours, the Town will distribute notices to residents and business in the construction area. We will also send out information to the broader community via social media and posting to the project website.


The Town of Lincoln would like to thank all affected residents and businesses for their patience and cooperation during the design stage and underground hydro conversion works.

Keep an eye out for more information as we move forward with this transformational project in the Village. If you have not already done so, check out the Jordan Village Improvement Project on the Speak Up Lincoln public engagement website (

Please feel free to contact Dave Bader, Project Manager at 289-668-8819 should you have any questions or concerns.

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